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Dance Off performing at Liss Infants Summer Fair

After a 2 week break from teaching it's been so much fun seeing all my students and teaching again. This week we are busy rehearsing for Dance Off's first public performance at the Liss infants summer fair that is being held this Saturday the 9th of June at the Newman Collard field in Liss, Hampshire. All of the students are very excited though a few are understandable a bit nervous, me included :). 3 of my groups are performing a dance routine together to Middle by Zedd. They have never been able to practise this with the other groups which might turn out a little bit challenging on the day but I'm hundred percent sure they will all do there best and that it will look great. The youngest group of dancers and some of my adult dancers will also be performing their routines. After the performances I'm hoping to get the audience involved learning one of my dance warm ups. It will be interesting to see how many people wants to join in! I am really excited to be able to show off these amazing dancers from age 5-50 so now all I wish for is a nice dry day, as we are performing on the grass, and a big happy audience. This will be one of the biggest fair ever held in Liss with lots of entertainment for the whole family, over 50 stalls and a dog show, so come and join Dance Off for a great day out at the Liss infants Summer fair and dog show this Saturday at 12.30pm, Newman Collard field in Liss Hampshire.

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