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Dance Off's Show Medley 2022

Wow, how amazing it felt finally getting all my students back on stage @The Studio, The Petersfield school after 3 years since our last Dance Off show. All the students have been excited for weeks, practising so hard with their groups to be able to show all their family and friends what awesome dancers they are.

I have put together a little medley, starting from the youngest group up to the adults form our dress rehearsal to share with you here but you can see all the performances in full if you go to @Danceoffhampshire either on Facebook or Instagram. They are definitely worth to see if I say so myself :)

Dance Off is now taking a break during the summer holidays but we are back again in September with new courses so if you want to join us then please get in touch or book directly here if there are any spaces available.

Dance Off is about spreading and sharing the enjoyment and happiness you get from dancing in a group while at the same time becoming a more confident and better dancer in a friendly, fun, non competitive environment. If you need more dancing and happiness in your life then come and join us. Emma x

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