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Dance Off on Petersfield's Shine Radio

So last week my lovely friend and student Maria nominated me as a positive role model on International Women'd Day on Petersfield's Shine Radio. I was very surprised, honoured and happy to be nominated. Laura Sheppard from Petersfields's Shine Radio called us for a catch up which you can listen to below. We may have had a glass of bubbles before we started the call. :)

They obviously had to edit the interview and make it a bit shorter, as we do like to talk Maria and I, so the part of where I explain that all my adults students deserves to be nominated had to be removed. I am therefore adding it here instead. So please read on...

I am so proud and lucky to have all the women who joins me at Dance Off on a weekly basis in my life. You are single mums, hard working women, business owners, students etc but the most important thing is that you are all so supportive of each other and that's a part of why we have so much fun in our classes. You may have had a bad day at work or with your kids, maybe it's that time of the month but once you arrive at the dance studio you are all just YOU and that is the best you can be. Thank you for being positive role models and making me and your fellow students happier and more positive people. Emma x


Do you need more positivity in your week? Then come and join us at Dance Off.

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