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dance classes in Petersfield

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Adult Street Dance at TPS Petersfield


Do you want to become a better dancer while having fun?! This class will challenge your coordination, improve your dance techniques and tone your whole body. Burn lots of calories and have fun learning street dance routines to the latest tracks. There are currently 2 adult dance classes due to popular demand. The classes runs for 55 minutes every Thursday evening at 7pm and 8pm, the Dance Studio at The Petersfield school (TPS). 






Children's Commercial Street Dance at The Dance Studio, The Petersfield School


These fun dance classes will develop your child’s coordination, confidence and cool dance techniques while giving your child that all important exercise. They will learn fun but challenging routines to the latest tunes. There is five different classes available at The Dance Studio on Mondays, Tuesdays for children in school year 2 to 11. 



Commercial Street Dance classes for Teens at The Dance Studio, The Petersfield School


This is a very popular class for children in school year 7 and up. The students will learn challenging, fun routines to current music. They will become better and more confident dancers in a non competitive, friendly environment. They learn the same or similar routines as the adult classes and its a great way to meet other dancers from different classes and schools in the surrounding area.

Has your child got a birthday coming up soon? Then why not book one of our popular Dance Off parties. Click here for more information or send me a message.
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